For those new to the Crypto Party movement, it is a “global and decentralized grass-roots movement to help everyday people learn how to improve their internet security with open source tools.” Middlebury's Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry (DLINQ) continues build on recent explorations of CryptoParties with a renewed focus on digital equity, inclusion, social justice and antiracism. In partnering with Middlebury groups and community organizations, CryptoParties are sites of learning and agency for members of our communities to be proactive in assessing risks in different contexts. Through discussion, perspective taking and hands on engagement, our goal is to help participants take more control over their data, privacy, and security in digital spaces.

This site shares outlines and resources for past and upcoming CryptoParties. Click a subpage below to view archives and outlines for each event. Primary resource for outlines here:

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